The Product Management Grid

I no longer assume I know what someone actually does when they say they are a Product Manager. This year, I had a chance to have over 40 or so 1:1s with folks from outside of work in different stages of their product management journey. No two roles were the same. I distilled our conversations... Continue Reading →

When you code for automation, it eliminates manual tasks. When you code for code that automates and teach it to become smarter over time, you industrialize an entire talent group.

The Art of Engineering

An artist creates her work as an aggregate of her creativity applied across many layers of perception for an immersive experience for the audience, no matter if you are reading a poem, enjoying a book, or staring at a painting. In that sense, engineers may not be too different. What does an engineer do? To deliver... Continue Reading →

Agile has become the rug underneath which transformation programs hide the delayed decisions that are critical for the business and technology scaffolding needed to support the implementation.

The Digital Transformation Trap — Compromising Human Experience with Agility and Speed

The early years of computer programming had a singular focus on the underlying data and processes being automated with a naive disregard for the human working with the application. As the audience for the computer applications outgrew the back-office personnel to include everyday users, the discipline of human-centered design has become critical to elevate the... Continue Reading →

Whether you are defining a business strategy, envisioning a brand definition, writing a policy document, designing a mobile app, or writing a piece of code — if you use your craft to create something from scratch, then you are applying underlying principles of design to make an impact.

The Making of a Megathon

There are many advantages to taking time off to try to build things in time-bound short burst hackathons. It allows engineers to get out of the comfort zone and challenge the status quo on unsolved problems. For most companies, it is a channel to attempt things out of the ordinary and for engineers to prove... Continue Reading →

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