A rant and a wishlist for ed-tech in India

(This article was “written in public”. After a skeleton draft was posted on LinkedIn and Twitter seeking feedback, the attributed responses below were used to further refine and add to the key takeaways.) The term “Ed Tech” feels like an oxymoron in India, an attempt to change the cover of a book when the book itself needs a replacement. Most... Continue Reading →

Ten Life Lessons I Picked Up In This Decade

Life lessons emerge from a deep-rooted underlying shortcoming. Such situations often require extended experiential learning from mentors that lasts years. If done right, life lessons create such a paradigm shift that the learnings become an integral part of your identity. As we get close to turning the page on this decade, sharing a personal retrospective... Continue Reading →

Once you have done enough to reasonably meet the basic needs of your lifestyle, the next jump in the quality of your life is not going to come from external factors. It will depend on what you cultivate inside of you — the quality of your thoughts.

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