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Q3 2020

None – was busy taking care of work and life at home :). And then, I found the product Superpage. Re-starting my efforts there – feel free to reach me at I will update contributions here for Q4 at the end of 2020.

Q2 2020

SourceContributions FromAmount
1:1 SessionsNikhil Gutti, Vishal Ramnani, Laura Rao, Pinakin Mehta, Amuthan, Hrishikesh Deskmukh, Vikas Ray, Rohit Nagpal, G Anirudh, Saiesh Natarajan, Ankita Verma, Xing Liang, Rewant Prakash, Pramodkumar Desai₹ 23,451
Beneficiary *Amount
Telangana CM Fund₹ 500
Hungry Heroes₹ 2,601
PM Cares Fund₹ 3,100
Uday Foundation₹ 500
Magic Bus₹ 3,000
Concern India Foundation₹ 1,000
International Association for Human Valuess₹ 10,000
Goonj₹ 1,000
* Direct contribution to beneficiaries from contributors

Q1 2020

SourceContributions FromAmount
1:1 SessionsShanto Aloor, Ashal Vyas₹ 2000
Beneficiary * Amount
Hungry Heroes₹ 1500
PM Cares Fund₹ 500
* Direct contribution to beneficiaries from contributors

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