Writing in Public

An Experiment to “Write in Public”

This page hosts the links for the working draft for the latest article that I am “writing in public”.


Writing in isolation in the luxury of my own worldview is terribly comforting. This is an attempt to seek feedback and contrary point-of-views to eliminate my blind spots before I publish a draft.


  1. I draft a concept and share via LinkedIn and Twitter posts.
  2. To share your feedback, you may use the posts/threads on LinkedIn or Twitter
  3. I will update the draft with inputs that are an original point of view or a personal experience
  4. Within a couple of weeks, I will publish the article with attributions


If there are no links on step #1 above, then I am between drafts and not actively working on writing in public. However, you may check out the following articles written using this method:

  • A rant and a wishlist for ed-tech in India (Medium | Blog)
  • 10 Questions to Ask Interviewers on Work Culture (Medium | Blog)

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